Loves of my Life

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As jealous as my Spinoni Italiano get when I come home from a pet photography shoot with the scent of another dog on me, I think inside they must rejoice that they are not yet again the main subjects. My Spinoni Italiano are so patient and kind with their crazy camera obsessed mother!

Today Leo and Tessie were both beyond wonderful as I tried some new things. They are my Guinea Pigs whenever I got a wild hair. Today both were ever patient as I played with some new settings and on camera flash techniques. I love my small strobes, but they aren’t always convenient when working with outdoor action shoots. Reflectors are great if you have light to reflect, not always the case when in the woods with bird dogs.

What wonderful results. My splendid Spinoni Italiano helped give me get over my loathing of on camera flash. Perfect way to kick off the weekend! Interested in letting me try some of these shots with your fur babies? Let’s book a session!