Pet Friendly

Tested and approved by fur, feather and scale critters far and wide. I make sure they enjoy the process.

Pet Approved

Caring for Your Pets

I work closely with pet parents to ensure the pet's safety and comfort remain the priority!

As id They Were My Own

Creating Memories

Our pet children rarely last as long as we would like. Capture the memories while you can!

To Last a Lifetime

On Location

We work together to capture your pet's personality in the perfect work of art for your home.

In Studio

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. Martin Buber

What to Expect

I don’t want to just take pictures, I want to tell the story of your pet.  My goal is to capture tender, real, heartwarming, goofy, athletic, proud moments and turn them into tangible works of art that will fill your heart and home with joy for years to come.

I draw from 25 years of experience behind the camera, and over 15 years of digital editing experience to bring my vision and the vision of my clients to fruition.

My clients adore their pets and love them like their own children. We tend to naturally have lots in common because I’m an animal lover and my dogs are my babies too.

I’d be honored for the opportunity to photograph your pets and you too if you would like to share the experience with your furry loved one.  I’d love the chance to capture a beautiful collection of timeless images that capture the soul of your companion and leave you overwhelmed with tears of joy.  The time we have with our pets is so precious; if you’ve been thinking about doing this, don’t wait another moment. No pet is too old, too young, too untrained, too rambunctious or too shy.

It’s all about capturing the little, often quirky, things that make your pet unique. The eye twinkle that you wish could last forever. Every session is a fun  frolic designed around your pet’s comfort and training level, Safety edges out, only slightly fun, at every session. I use a combination of patience and Photoshop expertise (for those outdoor shoots where not everyone is able to run off leash) to capture your pets soul and to create and incredible artwork you will treasure forever.
Calm and patient wins the day. Our pets are so tuned in to those around them a calm and centered mind is utmost to creating a safe and fun environment in which your furry friend’s personality can shine. I would never shortchange a setting by bringing anything less.
If we don’t get the shot the first time out we shall try, try again, at no cost to you.
You know your pets way better than I do. As passionate as I am about animals and my desire to reach their souls, I will never know in a few hours time the volumes that you have learned about your best friend’s personality. I strive to capture the best image of how you see your pet. I look forward to collaborating and strongly consider your input at every step of the process.

If we could read the minds of animals we would find only truths. Anthony Douglas Williams

What You Get

  • I believe in providing memories. I have no desire to hold your images hostage. Your sitting fee includes access to the hi resolution un-watermarked images. Generally a regular sessions provides 30+ incredible memories.
  • My extensive Photo editing experience for removing leashes, people, trash cans etc. and for bringing out the best in your companion.
  • Patience, Patience, Patience!
  • Everything necessary to execute a successful shoot, noisemakers, toys, treats… Patience 🙂
  • 25+ years behind the lens experience
  • Ordering consultation when it comes to deciding on the who, what, why and where of prints. It is a HUGE world out there!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. We reshoot until we get it right. And I have yet to meet a pet I have been unable to connect with, but if yours is the one and it isn’t going to happen. Your deposit is yours and I will work with you on finding another photographer.
  • The time of your life, and memories to last a lifetime!