The Twos Have It

We were warned early on that Spinoni don’t really “turn on” until there two. Well, our first is just now turning two and by golly, she seems to have matured over night. Even little things just all of the sudden work. I have been trying for a year to get her to catch a tossed treat, and every time I tried the darn thing hit her in the face and fell to the floor. She never even tried. Last night I had a little popcorn with an evening movie. All three dogs were standing in front of me giving me “that” look. My fault. When it was just Sydney and I, I dd share my popcorn. I couldn’t eat a whole bag on my own. Since she never begs  am guessing the other two just figured it must be something SUPER good. So there  was being stared down by three dogs. I tossed a piece to Syd and glump, down it went! I thought what the heck let’s try again, and tossed a piece to Tess. Low and behold she caught t, and another one and another one. Holly smokes it clicked! So we had to try out her new talent in the studio. She did great! What a fun way to spend some the with my sweet baby girl. All growed up and ready to take on the world!