Spring Cleaning

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I am not sure what it is about spring, maybe the whole rebirth thing and wanting to be reborn in a clean and organized new world… Spring does drive me into a cleaning frenzy. Obviously since deep cleaning is referred to as spring cleaning I am not the only one with these urges. This weekend I was finally able to dig into my pet portrait studio and get some much needed work done.

The studio was desperately in need of some organization, and after getting my hands on some shelving I had in storage I was up for the task. Once I got in there and got going the job turned out to be easier than expected. The satisfaction of getting it done was incredible! I have been wanting to get it in order for much longer than I should have. Procrastination, like not exercising or eating junk food, I don’t understand why the bad choice is so much easier to make. I feel SO much better after making the right choice. I need to work on all three of the above.

My wonderful, clean pet portrait studio of course inspired me to get some dogs in there and get busy! My dogs love studio time and fight over who gets to go next. Today all three did incredible work! I think they feel better now that things are cleaned up too!