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Enjoying the Quiet

Not quite Spring yet and early Spring are my favorite times of year to live in Western Michigan. Even on beautiful weekends like the one we just had there are so many beautiful places to go and more often than not we have them all to ourselves. After three days over the last two weekends in Silver Lake (which is an absolute madhouse of people

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Harper and Friends

  What a wonderful adventure with Harper and her feline friends! Such a great group of critters. Their hoomans aren't so bad either... Tons more to weed my way through, but for now this is it until I get some dinner on the table!

Harper and Friends 2018-03-18T14:47:07+00:00

The Multi-Dog Shoot

A three dog shoot is always a challenge One or two dogs, easy peasy... Three or more takes a ton of patients and goes much better with a well trained assistant on board. Since I don't have the Monks of New Skeet or Ceasar Millan on speed dial I need to find some other way to make multi dog shoots go as smoothly

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A Day with My Boy

The camera was in LOVE with Leo today. What a wonderful time we had exploring the dunes. We had the WHOLE place to ourselves! We were out on the dunes for hours and only ever saw one other person at a distance. It was wonderful... So peaceful, and I was able to let Leo run without fear. A couple more weeks and the

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Confessions of Neurotic Pet Mom

This weekend absolutely did not go as planned. Nothing like a sick puppy to bring the world to a screeching halt! The details of my topsy turvy weekend are detailed in a previous post (link to the previous post in the upper right corner...). This one is dedicated to the confessions of how absolutely crazy I am about my fur children, and all the not

Confessions of Neurotic Pet Mom 2018-03-19T10:55:39+00:00

Thankfully Reunited

Wow, what a scare we had over the weekend! My body is still recovering from the stress, as is Leo's. Still not sure exactly what happened, but Leo obviously got into something that did not agree with him. After his lunch feeding on Friday, about 12:30, he started throwing up. The first two seemed like a regurgitation from eating too quickly, which he does regularly

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Joyous Adventure

 There are so many things that we can learn from dogs. In so many ways they are much better at living life than we are. Since I live with three of these incredible critters I feel that I need to honor the lessons that the provide by sharing my experiences with my babies. Today's lesson is one of the most obvious. Be present. Enjoy

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Welcome Home Leo

So sorry for the lack of communication lately, I have been very busy lately getting puppy prepared. We are so excited to welcome Stella del Nord Tolstoy's Greatest Work, Leo for short, into our pack. The greatest Christmas gift ever! He has been a pure joy so far, and is fitting well into our little family. I can't wait to share lots of

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Christmas Journey

What a wonderful journey we were able to make this holiday season! We had been looking forward to this trip and counting down the days for many weeks. It was a long drive and we encountered every kind of winter weather imaginable on the roads, but I would drive it a thousand times over and still have nothing but joy in my heart.

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