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I just love dogs, and there really is no better companion than an animal. Rita Rudner

The Bearded Lady Films Us

For the Love of Animals

I knew at a very early age that I wasn’t going to be a parent of human children. Instead that maternal instinct has always been aimed at my four legged fur children. I am one of those people that will greet a dog out on a walk far more vigorously than I address their owner. Do I like animals better than people, no; but there is a trust and honesty that comes more easily for me where animals are concerned. It is just the way I am made.

Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to journey with many four legged companions and been an avid lover of all creatures great and small. Having a veterinarian for a step-father brought tons of interaction throughout my young adult life. It also meant that we had an interesting assortment of animals spend time with us.

Animals are able to show us that the heart is infinitely expandable. Their open vulnerability and honesty is a shining example of how pure relationships can be if we just stay open to them.

For the Love of Art

Passion drives me, and my passion is to capture and interpret the moments that happen around me. The tools that I use are my camera and my computer. I have been working behind the lens since those old school days way before the digital revolution. Well over 30 years. I was drawn to photography since I was young enough to hold a camera. I was an early adopter of DSLR’s and was blown away when I discovered Photoshop (not sure of the year, but it was the first rendition to include CS in the name so we are talking at least 15 years). I feel comfortable saying I have mastered both and put that experience to play at every session.

Prior to focusing on the wonderful critters we share our lives with, I used photography to find the hidden truths that lie within humanity. I was what many refer to as a Fine Art Photographer. I worked with models, created costumes and sets and composited images together in an attempt to create something that represented a form of truth. We humans tend to hide our truths and it often takes trickery to expose those truths to the light of day. I enjoyed it for years, but as I get older I find myself seeking open honesty. The peace that vulnerability brings. So now I work with animals.  With animals nothing is hidden. They are truth. Making that truth shine is my goal as a pet photographer. I want to capture the unadulterated joyous heart and soul of your pet.

To get at that truth the photographer (and the pet parent if they are at the session) have to remove themselves from what is going on around them. To catch the real essence of your beloved companion we have to let them be without adding our own preconceived ideas or desires. I don’t want to photograph your pet at the beach if they are afraid of water just because we might think it would be a beautiful shot. I want to create a beautiful image in the space where your pet is comfortable and doing what they feel is fun.

The Family – Tessie, Sydney, Rocky, Jay and Tom