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What to Expect

  • Expect me to get down and dirtier than your pet
  • Expect me to do whatever it takes to get the shot
  • Expect lots of treats, toys and praise
  • Expect to have fun and for your companion to go home feeling like royalty
  • Expect pieces of art rather than snapshots or canned images
  • Expect me to listen when you give me advice and suggestions
  • Expect me to spoil your pet as much as I spoil my own
  • Expect patience and know that you will need a little as well
  • Expect the session to take time your pet sets the schedule
  • Do not expect your pet to be perfect, perfection is having fun and being yourself
It isn’t about getting the photo it is about telling the story of your loved one through their eyes. Every session is a fun  frolic designed around your pet’s comfort and training level, Safety edges out, only slightly fun. I use a combination of patience and decades of experience behind the camera and in front of the computer (to rid pesky leashes and other unwanted objects from the frame) to capture your pets soul and to create and incredible artwork you will treasure forever.
Calm and patient wins the day. Our pets are so tuned in to those around them a calm and centered mind is utmost to creating a safe and fun environment in which your furry friend’s personality can shine. I would never shortchange a setting by bringing anything less.
If we don’t get the shot the first time out we shall try, try again, at no cost to you.
You know your pets way better than I do. As passionate as I am about animals and my desire to reach their souls, I will never know in a few hours time the volumes that you have learned about your best friend’s personality. I strive to capture the best image of how you see your pet. I look forward to collaborating and strongly consider your input at every step of the process.

If we could read the minds of animals we would find only truths. Anthony Douglas Williams