Unconditional Love

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I absolutely adore all three of my fur babies, but there is something about Tess that really pulls at the heartstrings. I try not to play favorites, but it is so hard when she looks at me just so and cuddles so sweet. She truly is a momma’s girl.

We have successfully pulled off a bird hunting trip where daddy took the bird dogs into the woods and Syd and I chilled at the front of the property hanging around in the hammock. Tessie was having none of that today. She would not take off with daddy. She cared for nothing but her mommy. Dad, a little anxious for her to become the bird dog we have have seen glimpses of, was a little upset that the urge to hunt was won out by her need for mommy. Just like a regular kid, I know that will change. She will become a strong confident adult that no longer needs her mommy. So today I took advantage of some quality time with my baby girl.

Today was my first day off after several days at the office and I spent the morning at the gym. Tessie just wanted to get the snuggles and attention she feels is her just desserts when mommy isn’t at work. She hopped up in the hammock with me and gave me her heart. All of it.

It is so wonderful to be so loved! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt Tessie will always love me no matter what I do. When I look into those gorgeous golden eyes all I know is there is nothing in my heart that would ever allow me to let her down. Her unconditional love drives me to be the best person that I can be.

Thank you Tessie for trusting me with your beautiful, kind, gentle heart I promise to treat it with care!