Finding the Stillness

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I recently read an article about finding moments of silence and grabbing on. The reader was encouraging people to seek out silence. Silence actually doesn’t work for me. I prefer to seek out stillness. I love sound. The sounds of life going on around me.

The other night there was a power outage in our area. Within moments of the fan turning off I was wide awake. The sudden disappearance of all the neighborhood sounds woke me faster than any of those noises ever could. It was like the outside world ceased to exist. I was unable to go back to sleep until the power returned and the normal sounds of life returned to the neighborhood.

This afternoon as  lay in my hammock creating the above images it was not to the silence, but to the sounds of the living forest all around me. The crickets in the ground, the wind in the trees and the rustling of the fall leaves. Why would I ever want to silence these incredible, inspiring tributes to life.

I do seek out stillness. The stillness that allows be to be able to hear the life all around me. By quieting my own mind I am able to be still and open myself up to the subtleties of the world around me. So incredible. So full of life. So phenomenally inspiring!

Say yes to life! Listen as it unfolds around you.