Expanding Horizons

Every once in a while we have to take some time to expand our horizons. As many of you know I have been enjoying flying my recent addition and have been learning ways in which I might be able to include drone photography as a new tool in my arsenal. After finding several drone applications that would benefit my clients I decided to bite the bullet and take the required FAA testing to become a commercial drone operator. After a few weeks of nothing but work and studying I took the test last Friday and, phew!, I passed. This weekend I am taking a little break and soaking up some me time, and then back at it. Our own Bearded Lady is scheduled for her Natural Ability testing in a month. For the next few weeks I will be consumed with prepping her to pass her test now. I will be scheduling a few sessions during her training.  I will be back to full scheduling for Spring and Summer sessions starting May 25.