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Try New Things

Wow! This vacation is going by WAY too quickly! I can't believe that it is already Friday. Only 2 more days here in the Porkies and most of today all we have seen is the inside of the camper. A wet and thunderous front is moving through the area (almost past thankfully). It worked out well. Tom and I both over did it a little

Try New Things 2017-09-22T14:13:18+00:00

Be the Water

What a perfect storm today... Well, not a storm as in thunder and lightening. More of a perfect convergence. I live for those moments when I can capture a moment of splendor. My husband lives for the moment when he can capture a bunch of trout. Today we were able to follow our passions separately together and shared a wonderful day traipsing around

Be the Water 2017-09-21T20:35:28+00:00

Day 1 in Paradise

Absolutely incredible sights I get to share wth all my favorite loves on our first couple days in the Porkies. Life is good here. Life is good everywhere actually. Incredible places like this just remind us to stop and take it in! Time it is going quickly as we try and savor every sight and sound of this perfect vacation. Stop. Be present. Take it

Day 1 in Paradise 2017-09-21T19:17:54+00:00

The Lonely Road

I try very hard to live a life not dictated by fear. In my opinion most fears are unjustified and often irrational. I will not allow anyone's imagination, especially my own, to keep me from living a full and adventurous life. Or least I will try very hard... This morning I found myself waking up in a strange city. I had to travel for work,

The Lonely Road 2017-09-17T20:28:30+00:00

Get to Know Your Food

So, I  have a few guilty pleasures when it comes to food. One of those horrible relationships is with Totinos Party Pizzas. As far as horrible non food foods go, it is probably my number one "go to" when I just feel like being bad. Well, lately I have been spending so much time being good that I have been really craving the bad. So

Get to Know Your Food 2017-09-10T12:16:25+00:00

Closing Doors

"Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere."      Paulo Coelho I found a doorway that I have come to rely on closed and locked this morning. The lesson learned at the end of the day was that I should have allowed this door to close a long time ago. It literally

Closing Doors 2017-09-08T16:39:47+00:00

Out of My Head

So there I was this morning, running. Unbelievably in the moment. I could feel my body beneath me, feeling its true power for the first time. I could feel the movement of my legs, the energy of the muscles driving the movement. There was no frustration, no pain. I was actually enjoying it. Fascinated by what I never dreamed I could do, let alone enjoy....

Out of My Head 2017-09-07T21:22:30+00:00

Fiddling with Flora

My muse has been absent for a while, I made a bargain for her return. I decided to stop limiting our creative options, and to schedule creative play time at least 4 days per week. I am making a conscious effort to give my muse the attention that she deserves. Life is dull and lifeless when we don't take time to let our

Fiddling with Flora 2017-09-07T20:40:52+00:00

Camping with Dogs

We had a wonderful weekend escape out at Muskegon State Park. The dogs kept us busy and also gave us a laugh or two. Life wouldn't be the same full wonderful joy without them. So many things I can attribute to my fur children. They keep my healthy by getting my butt off the couch to walk them. They keep me calm by

Camping with Dogs 2017-08-19T17:04:25+00:00

Sunset Stroll for Me and My Gal

We are so fortunate to live in such an incredible place! Lake Michigan never disappoints. Tessie and I took a wonderful walk yesterday. No heavy gear to weigh us down. Just Tessie, me and my iPhone. For a minute I may have regretted not having my gear in hand, but then I realized the night was about relaxing and sharing some time with my baby

Sunset Stroll for Me and My Gal 2017-05-31T21:06:52+00:00
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