Try New Things

Wow! This vacation is going by WAY too quickly! I can’t believe that it is already Friday. Only 2 more days here in the Porkies and most of today all we have seen is the inside of the camper. A wet and thunderous front is moving through the area (almost past thankfully). It worked out well. Tom and I both over did it a little yesterday. Sometimes we forget we are getting older. So taking a half a day off from climbing down cliffs to get to waterfalls and fishing holes isn’t so bad.

I have been wanting to add digital painting to my arsenal for a couple years, but have as yet not found or created the time to play with it. This morning was the perfect opportunity. I don’t expect to master the technique any time soon, but this morning I took the time to understand how it works and to play with the brushes and styles I needed to come to grips with. Moving forward I feel comfortable enough with digital paint brushes that I will be able to practice in those smaller moments I can find that never seemed enough to offer the understanding I needed.

Thanks rain! The sound of you hitting the camper and your pal thunder that accompanied you were the perfect soundtrack for this morning’s learning!

Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep trying new things!