The Multi-Dog Shoot

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A three dog shoot is always a challenge One or two dogs, easy peasy… Three or more takes a ton of patients and goes much better with a well trained assistant on board.

Since I don’t have the Monks of New Skeet or Ceasar Millan on speed dial I need to find some other way to make multi dog shoots go as smoothly as possible. Having three rambunctious dogs of my own lends for lots of good practice. Today was one of those days. I knew the day would be extra special kind of challenge when shortly after hitting the dunes our middle child decided she was going to run down a plane that flew low over head. Recall and listening were not her high point today. That also meant she would be on the leash the rest of day. Not the ideal for photos.

When working alone a wide angle lens and lots of treats make things a bit easier and adds for a great new perspective. The wide angle allows you to be close enough to interact with the dogs. This is a must when working with pups (or two year olds that are into chasing down ANYTHING that day)! Puppies have very limited patients, so being close enough to catch him or hand out a tasty treat makes shoots like today come together!

And come together it did. I am quite happy with today’s results!