Welcome Home Leo

So sorry for the lack of communication lately, I have been very busy lately getting puppy prepared. We are so excited to welcome Stella del Nord Tolstoy's Greatest Work, Leo for short, into our pack. The greatest Christmas gift ever! He has been a pure joy so far, and is fitting well into our little family. I can't wait to share lots of

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Christmas Journey

What a wonderful journey we were able to make this holiday season! We had been looking forward to this trip and counting down the days for many weeks. It was a long drive and we encountered every kind of winter weather imaginable on the roads, but I would drive it a thousand times over and still have nothing but joy in my heart.

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Getting to know Miss Manners

Today was Tessie's first day at obedience training. She did very well, and is back on track to being a dog Miss Manners would approve of. Doubly fortunate, due to the ice on the back trails there were many dogs hanging out in the front dog park. She has had a couple negative experiences with a dog that is a bit of a

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