Joyous Adventure

There are so many things that we can learn from dogs. In so many ways they are much better at living life than we are. Since I live with three of these incredible critters I feel that I need to honor the lessons that the provide by sharing my experiences with my babies.

Today’s lesson is one of the most obvious. Be present. Enjoy life. Wherever you are, be there. We took the pups to the beach today. It was such a joy to watch them take to the beach and embrace everything it had to offer. They didn’t complain about the cold, or wish they had brought a face scarf. My fur kids saw it all. Not a single pile of deer poop when missed, every bunch of grass was sniffed and peed upon and every inch of the ice crusted lakeshore was explored in depth.

Every corner of the beach had sites and smells to discover. Things that I would over look or take for granted were world’s to explore for the babies…

For me today was a reminder to see things. Open my heart to everything. As a photographer I need to be exercise my ability to see the world around me. Like my dogs, I should see without judging. Open my eyes and turn off my brain. It was a wonderful day! A reminder to wake up tomorrow and really see the world around me.

Life should always be a joyous adventure. I am ready for the challenge!