Following your Heart

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One of my favorite things about fall is the opening of small game season. I have never been a hunter, I leave that up to my husband. I just go along so that I can see the raw unadulterated joy in the hearts of my fur babies as they do what it is that they know with every fiber of their being they were put on this earth to do. If only it were so easy for us humans as well. We let fear misdirect our steps and take us away from what our hearts tell us we are here to do.

We are afraid of loosing financial security. We are afraid of failing. We are afraid other people will think we are crazy. We have so many excuses for plugging our ears to our hearts desires and taking the easy path. The path that not only provides fewer risks, but also provides no joy, no satisfaction.

We should all strive to be more like my bird dogs. Forget what we have learned. Turn off the voices in our heads. Just be still in the moment and listen to what it is our instinct tells us we are here to do. We have been so trained to ignore these urges that it may take a while, but it is in there. That thing you were brought into this world to do. Find it. Then go out and give it your all. Don’t think. Just do it. Do what you were born to do.

Oh the heights that we can soar to if we take the leap. Follow your heart and fly among the stars!