Spring brings with it so many distractions. I know I should be busy doing what I do, but there are so many other things I do too. I turn the big 50 this year and my gift was a new kayak that I can share with our youngest, most adorable fur child. And she loves it! She hated my other kayak. It had a very small cockpit and traded stability for speed. It isn’t going anywhere, I still love that boat too, but now we have a new huge cockpit-ed very stable matching sibling.

I am also studying my bootie off in the hopes of passing the Remote Airman Knowledge Test so that my drone flying can move from hobby into something that I can share with my clients. So fun to fly and it is really interesting to work with capturing memories from a new perspective. More to come on that….

I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying Spring. The season of re-birth. For me it always brings about a lot of exciting changes.