Confessions of Neurotic Pet Mom

This weekend absolutely did not go as planned. Nothing like a sick puppy to bring the world to a screeching halt! The details of my topsy turvy weekend are detailed in a previous post (link to the previous post in the upper right corner…). This one is dedicated to the confessions of how absolutely crazy I am about my fur children, and all the not so stellar activities I got up to this weekend due to Leo’s illness.

  • Of course before I realized the gravity of the situation. I spent about 30 minutes super pissed that on house cleaning day Leo kept messing up the carpet. However, when he projectile vomited while running across the whole living room to get to me, my anger quickly turned to concern. Immediately hopped in the car to Oceana Animal Hospital.
  • I wallowed and blubbered on the vet’s exam room floor for an unimaginable period of time with Leo while trying to come to terms with having to leave him over night. A decision I only agreed to due to the fact that while I was considering other options Leo vomited bile 2 more times.
  • I nearly caused a horrendous accident when I second guessed my decision to leave Leo, by doing a crazy U-turn in the middle of Business 31, so that I could once again wallow and blubber while the vet talked me off the cliff and once again sent me home alone.
  • Of course there were the horrible nightmare scenarios that ran uncontrollably through my head that night while TRYING TO SLEEP AND “REMAIN POSITIVE”. It was a very very long night.
  • A big resounding YES to me wondering how tough it would be to break into the clinic to be with him ALL NIGHT.
  • And another big YES to arriving back at the clinic BEFORE the doctor.
  • After finding out Leo was OK and would be able to come home with me that morning more blubbering (thankfully no wallowing this time)….  on the floor of the kennel room next to where Leo spent the night and had just peed in his excitement to see momma.
  • While I was at the store buying fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts for Leo’s prescribed diet I decided I needed comfort food (scalloped potatoes and rice crispy treats) to sooth my rattled nerves. Today the scalloped potatoes remain uncooked in a bag on the counter. The Rice Crispy treats I made immediately after feeding Leo and are currently nearly gone.
  • On the plus side I lost more weight (worrying kills the appetite) over the weekend than Leo did. Surprisingly a 48 hour diet of nothing but Rice Crispy Treats is an effective dieting method. The downside I am guessing I will plump back up before he does…
  • This boy has pretty much not left my sight in over 72 hours…
  • I now sleep so that it is impossible for him to access the stairs leading off the bed, and even so every time he moves or changes his breathing I wake up. He can do nothing without me knowing! Yes, I have become that OVER PROTECTIVE momma!
  • Today I had to go back to work and I was secretly spying on Leo and daddy all day via our security/doggy camera.
  • This morning I called the vet to discuss the correct amount of poop Leo should be passing while on this bland diet. I am practically weighing the shit (literally… it is shit and while not actually picking it up I am eyeballing the length and texture) to make sure there aren’t any more surprises on the horizon, at least none that are in my power to control (see more about my control freak tendencies in the previous post).
  • Yup, I am still spying on my husband and fur children…
  • I feel horribly guilty for playing favorites right now, but justifying it to myself. Of course it is natural to spoil the child that has just come home from a hospital stay! Human, dog or otherwise!!!
  • Yup, I am cooking fresh chicken and rice daily for Leo’s bland diet. I’ll survive on ramen noodles if that is what it takes to keep up with his fancy expensive diet (thankfully we begin weaning him off that tonight…).

Who wouldn’t go through every bit of this and more for this poor precious little angel. Even his sisters, although jealous of all the special attention he has been receiving, were ecstatic to have him back. Grumpy Syd was beside herself jumping in joy at the prodigal son’s return. We are all so happy to have the whole pack together and back to relative normalcy.  Quite a kick in the butt reminder to never take anyone or anything for granted. Life is precious and can be shaken to its core, or worse, at the drop of a hat. Live, laugh and love unforgivingly with no regrets! Spoil those that are special to you be they two or four legged companions.