Christmas Journey

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What a wonderful journey we were able to make this holiday season! We had been looking forward to this trip and counting down the days for many weeks. It was a long drive and we encountered every kind of winter weather imaginable on the roads, but I would drive it a thousand times over and still have nothing but joy in my heart. Our new baby was worth every snowflake, mile of ice and holiday traffic encountered along the way.

I was a little nervous about the outcome when we first arrived. Eleven of the twelve puppies immediately greeted us and begged for our attention. Leo was the only one not there. He decided to hide from us under a chair. After stories of the other puppies crying when they were taken away, I feared what we had in store. The fear was totally unjustified! He left his first home and never looked back! There was literally no adjustment. He settled in and was a part of his new family within minutes.

This post and the photos are a tribute to Leo’s first family. What a wonderful place full of great pups, beautiful dogs and awesome people! Thanks to Stella del Nord Spinone for giving our boy such a wonderful start!