A Celebration of Life

What a wonderful day to spend on the beach with the girls. The last couple weeks we have been preoccupied trying to care for their brother. There wasn't a lot of fun to be had for them. Fighting the sadness so I could give the girls could have a little joy this afternoon. Their incredibly happy faces and pure joy of having the whole beach

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My Beautiful Boy

Those of you that have known me for a long time know that I process best by writing my way through the tough times that life throws at us. So, today is a tribute to our beautiful baby boy. I hope there are millions of Timberdoodles where you are today Rocky. My first memories of Rocky were him trying in every way to

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Aging Gracefully

It breaks my heart watching my big girl get older. She, on the other hand, doesn't give it a second thought. More importantly she doesn't let the concept of age get in the way of living her life. From her first moment she has lived every moment to the fullest. Every moment is precious and deserves our full attention. Get the number out

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Our baby boy has been plagued by hip problems and arthritis for years. He moves gingerly and takes care of himself most of the time. However, when it comes to hunting, nothing will stop him. Sore joints, cuts requiring 13 stitches, we have watched him hunt through his regular soreness as well as a long list of in process injuries. Rocky is a

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Unconditional Love

I absolutely adore all three of my fur babies, but there is something about Tess that really pulls at the heartstrings. I try not to play favorites, but it is so hard when she looks at me just so and cuddles so sweet. She truly is a momma's girl. We have successfully pulled off a bird hunting trip where daddy took the bird

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Finding the Stillness

I recently read an article about finding moments of silence and grabbing on. The reader was encouraging people to seek out silence. Silence actually doesn't work for me. I prefer to seek out stillness. I love sound. The sounds of life going on around me. The other night there was a power outage in our area. Within moments of the fan turning off

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Following your Heart

One of my favorite things about fall is the opening of small game season. I have never been a hunter, I leave that up to my husband. I just go along so that I can see the raw unadulterated joy in the hearts of my fur babies as they do what it is that they know with every fiber of their being they

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For those of you that know me well, you can confirm that there are few things that I dislike more than muggy, humid heat and biting black flies (well messy, disorganized chaos is up there as well...). Well, you only live once and I would let nothing disrupt my first trip to the Porkies. So many bucket list items in this park, and

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Try New Things

Wow! This vacation is going by WAY too quickly! I can't believe that it is already Friday. Only 2 more days here in the Porkies and most of today all we have seen is the inside of the camper. A wet and thunderous front is moving through the area (almost past thankfully). It worked out well. Tom and I both over did it a little

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Be the Water

What a perfect storm today... Well, not a storm as in thunder and lightening. More of a perfect convergence. I live for those moments when I can capture a moment of splendor. My husband lives for the moment when he can capture a bunch of trout. Today we were able to follow our passions separately together and shared a wonderful day traipsing around

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