Be the Water

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What a perfect storm today… Well, not a storm as in thunder and lightening. More of a perfect convergence. I live for those moments when I can capture a moment of splendor. My husband lives for the moment when he can capture a bunch of trout. Today we were able to follow our passions separately together and shared a wonderful day traipsing around Michigan’s Northwestern U.P.

We both gave a little so that we could share a lot. Like the water we worked together to go with the flow and find a dream.

So often people, me included, fight the flow thinking that it won’t take us where we need to go. Go with it. It will always get you there.

Be the water!

One of these days  will have to share my journey to the bottom of Agate Falls. I was almost in the water and due to the size of those falls going with that flow would have gone very badly…