AKC Dog Show Mom

As the wise adage states, we fear what we don’t know… Well, I no longer fear the AKC Dog Show. Leo and I popped our dog show cherry this weekend at the Birch Run Puppy Show put on by the Saginaw  Valley Kennel Club. As usual I was a totally nervous wreck of a mom. I have such a fear of letting Leo down. So much potential in our sweet little muppet. He deserves the best!  Thankfully his sister Pandora was at the show with her very show experienced momma, Ruthann. Ruthann took us under her wing and showed us the ropes. Made navigating the nuances of the show much easier!

Even though I spent most of the day feeling like a deer in the headlights Leo and I walked away with the Best of Opposite Sex ribbon for the Spinoni puppy group. The competition wasn’t horribly stiff, but we didn’t perform so poorly we were kicked out of the ring either. I actually think as long as I have someone there to hold my hand, at least for the next couple shows, that I may actually enjoy this dog show mom life. I will at least give it the effort our sweet boy deserves.

I am not sure why it was so shocking to walk into a room filled with that many dogs. I knew there would be a lot, but until you are in it, it is super hard to fathom 2000 dogs and all their humans packed in a space that size. We were just there for the beginner puppy show of course, so no points or anything this time out. Just the ribbon and lots of learning. Not true for most of the attendees. Real AKC judging and real points to be had. I have a few more weeks before I have to worry about all that.

For now Leo and I can relax a bit and bask in our little success. We did it. Every journey begins with the first step. Or my favorite reminder these days, you can’t finish a journey unless you start it.

Here is a little highlight reel of Leo and his sister Pandora is below.